Saturday, September 26, 2009


Is bipolar.

And I think it's having an effect on me. For srs. Like, okay, you know how yesterday I was in the eh mood and didn't want to do anything or see anyone? Well today it was hot outside and I'm just in a good ol happy giggly mood again. I'm tired, but I'm happy again.

I can't do crazy weather changes like this.

That's a lie.

Yes I can.

But under stress no.

I'm still going to live in Texas though.

I don't know what I would do if I didn't.

Oh my goodness I'm so hyper.

This is one of those times I wish I had a horse because it's so gorgeous outside and riding would just be so much fun.

I want a dog. I want to take my dog to a park and play fetch with him today.


I want a border collie.
Or just a collie.

But those are herding dogs and to keep them sane they need to do what they instinctively do.

But I seriously can't wait to get a house/appt. cause I really want a dog and I don't think my mom or dad will let me...because if I come home for Christmas I'ma have to bring my dog with me if I get one.

So maybe I'll just take my cat.
But she doesn't play fetch.
And she's already potty trained and. Yeah.


I'm so hyper! Lol.

Ahaha I'm. Going to go do something. I don't know what.

Maybe work out or something.

Okay. This blog entry is CRAZY LONG.

I'll shut up now.



Veggy Christian said...

lol, well, you know, if you didn't have these ups and downs you wouldn't be abe to appreciate the ups when you have them (especially on a weekend!!!). And having them so suddenly just makes the experience more fun, unexpected and unpredictable, it's like your own personal adventure through life called the Lorie-Locemotion, which is solar powered instead of fueled by coal (which is so polluted and I know you would NEVER do anything that would hurt the environment ;P). And when you get the the tops of mountains you can pull your super-special-awesome horn and it'll go "WOOT WOOT!" and you can giggle all you want at how giddy the sound makes you feel. And when you look out your window and see the country side, you'll see Fat Pony galloping right alongside. :D

Hope you have fun today, whatever you decide to do!

And don't rush into getting a dog, that's a long-term relationship you're getting into! Go on a few dates before you decide to commit, ok? lol ;)

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Haha Kaleigh. I lol'd. <3