Thursday, April 30, 2009

Socks Galore!

A friend of mine and I were talking about how I wasn't wearing matched socks today. I responded with "I normally don't pay attention to if my socks are matched when I'm wearing boots because no one can see them." But now that I think about it, running around in mismatched socks is so much fun! I feel young again because I don't have my mom or dad telling me to match my socks whenever I'm folding laundry. I love running around in my bright yellow socks and my blue and green striped ones. Right now I'm wearing gray with white stripes on one foot and gray with blue and white spots on my other one. So they kind of match, they just don't have the same pattern.

A Routine

A rather hard something for me to get into. Now I know waking up and going to class everyday is a routine, but I have a terrible habit of not getting into the routine of washing my face every night, brushing my teeth twice a day, taking my vitamins, and writing in my planner. So maybe if I start getting into the routine of writing a blog a good number of times a week I'll start motivating myself to get back into the routines mentioned above and then some.

But why am I writing at 12:45am? I'm ridiculous. And I have the hiccups. 

Hmm. Well maybe I'll write some more tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited about starting something new and make myself a little profile do lolly.

Sounds good :D