Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh boys...

You know how God punished Eve and gave women pain in childbirth? Well...I think he also punished women by giving us stupid boys. And I don't mean unintelligent, I mean boys that don't make you happy and don't meet your standards. And yes. I'm saying "boys" because real "men" are hard to come by nowadays.


Okay, I was going to write a super long rant about the guy I like, but then I thought it was a petty thing to complain about, so if you're interested I'll be happy to tell you, but I'll spare you the ridiculousness about my complaint :]



I cleaned out my iTunes today and started out with 560 songs. Now I'm down to 347 songs. Wow. That was about 200 songs crowding my computer that I never listened to, but I'm glad I did because I want to put all these songs on my iTouch so I can listen to them on the road and have it to where I don't have to skip songs as much because I don't listen to half of them.

But, I'm rambling. I'm extremely tired, so I'm going to bed. Goodnight!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School is a Marvelous Thing

Even though you hate it. But goodness, I'm so glad to be back in Abilene. I honestly didn't have any or many friends to come home to for the summer. I didn't get to visit anyone because I was busy with commissions and an online English class. So I was overwhelemed with excitement to come back a week early and move in early, and see everyone, etc. I worked 40 hours the week before school started so I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep and improper...mealage. I got sick Sunday and lost my stomach.

I really think that this year is going to be pretty awesome. At least, I hope it will. Sometimes you have to put an effort into something if you want it to be good. With me, I generally try and stay happy and optimistic and that seems to do the trick. It also seems to get someone else to brighten their day if you're cheerful. Just a thought.

But enough babbling. In summary, I'm so glad to be back in Abilene, even if there isn't much to do. The friends I've made here are probably the truest of friends I've ever had. At least, I hope that's the case. I tend to get my hopes up just to have them torn down.

GASP! That's a total different story.

Onward to chapel to sing to my Lord, God, Savior, Father, Teacher, the love of my life, and...well you get the point ;D

Monday, August 17, 2009

For Grins, Giggles, and a Paycheck

Home sweet home! some extent. Abilene/ACU is my second home. I adore it here. It's small and adorable and dusty and doesn't have the craziness of city life. Although it does have bad drivers...but that's not important. The important part is that I'm BACK! And I have a job. Yaaay! Unfortunately it's MWF from 5 am to 9am. Currently I'm a-writin' this blog during my work shift because I have nothing to actually do. So awesome. I get paid to blog. You know what else I get paid for? Eating crackers, animating, listening to my iTunes, (homework when the time comes I'm sure), and whatever else I decide to do. I think one thing that I like about this early shift is that fact that it's so early that I most likely won't have to do any paperwork, answer the phone or...desky things. It'd be good experience to have though.

And with that I stole from my beloved Carrot and her blog about 10 things that make you happy! Let's take a look shall we?

1. My Jesus! (that's a given though :P)
2. My family (even on the bad days)
3. Dr Pepper! Really, because I'm that addicted.
4. Horse back riding. Have you tried it? WHY NOT.
5. Being outside. Unless it's so hot you can't breathe and are sweating buckets.
6. Drawing for people and watching their reactions
7. Air conditioning. Especially in Texas. (even though I like it outside.)
8. My 3rd floor creepers (yaaaay!)
9. When my hair has a great hair day :P
10. John Powell :D

NOW. I suggest you go make a list of 10 happy things. RIGHT NOW. Because you know you'll put it off later and later then never do it at all and you won't be happy. Ever. Again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Update

Sorry that I haven't written in a while, but I'm letting your know I'm alive. Ha. I'm almost done with this painting/commission. I'll post a picture when I finish. I go back to school this Saturday to work during welcome week :]

Hmm...Not much else.