Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh boys...

You know how God punished Eve and gave women pain in childbirth? Well...I think he also punished women by giving us stupid boys. And I don't mean unintelligent, I mean boys that don't make you happy and don't meet your standards. And yes. I'm saying "boys" because real "men" are hard to come by nowadays.


Okay, I was going to write a super long rant about the guy I like, but then I thought it was a petty thing to complain about, so if you're interested I'll be happy to tell you, but I'll spare you the ridiculousness about my complaint :]



I cleaned out my iTunes today and started out with 560 songs. Now I'm down to 347 songs. Wow. That was about 200 songs crowding my computer that I never listened to, but I'm glad I did because I want to put all these songs on my iTouch so I can listen to them on the road and have it to where I don't have to skip songs as much because I don't listen to half of them.

But, I'm rambling. I'm extremely tired, so I'm going to bed. Goodnight!


Veggy Christian said...

Hey, so does this mean you will actually use your iTouch this semester??? That's new! lol :)

You know, you might be right about men being abother punishment for women... then again, Adam was dumb enough to take the fruit from Even in the first place so maybe they didn't start out all that bright anyway...

I'd be interested to hear your story, I'd love to hear about this loser of a guy in your life, lol.

(how about this for verification: piogirsi?)