Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Land Before Time

Auugghh I lovelovelove that movie. It brings back the childhood. Last night I was lying in bed going " does that one part go in the movie? MUST. KNOW." So I've decided I would watch it this morning while at work. It's hard to find free movies online nowadays. I'm not technologically advanced. But I have success! It's at some...japanese site. The movie is in English, of course, but everything else is kinda hard to understand.

And for some strange reason my scrolling is being dumbtarded and not working...Along with Google Chrome (which is a browser like Safari or Firefox) which I'm starting to get annoyed with so I'm back to using good ol' Safari.

I'm seriously just making conversation at this point. I think I'll go make another velveeta singles thing. And before you say "Why aren't you working on your animation!?" It's...because I left my tablet back at the dorm.

WHICH. I need a new one by the way. This one I've had for almost 5 years (It'll be 5 on Christmas this year) and the grid inside isn't reading pen pressure very well so blending is kinda being whack because of it. Also the wires are all exposed and stuff and may fray. Arrghh I want a new one that's about the same size as my old one, but man they're expensive...

Anywho. Time to watch baby dinosaurs be all cute and adventurous.

Useless post is useless.


Veggy Christian said...

I never liked Chrome.

I do like the Land Before Time, and I think 2 and 3 might have been good too but I can't remember anything about them, but I know 1 is great. ^_^ Yay for childhood memories!

Sketched on a Canvas said...

I think the thing I like about that it's a mix between firefox and safari and it does what I tell it to...most of the time.

But lately it's been misbehaving D;