Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I. Am. A. Self. Taught. Artist.

Minus that one art class I had back in middle school that did give me kind of an encouraged nudge to want to learn more about art. But after that class I taught myself my own techniques, used references, tutorials, and thus created my own style. Now, I suppose tutorials don't quite count as "teach yourself how to do this" but they've certainly helped me get to where I am now and develop this style o' mine.

And I love college, don't get me wrong, but I do wish that I could already have my future home and take time to continue teaching myself...For some reason, at this very moment, right this second, as the clock is ticking. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Be. In. School. At all. Nope. Nada. I want to be sitting on soft white carpet with a sketchpad in hand, drinking tea, watching the sun set, sketching whatever comes to mind, and not having to worry about a test coming up or an assignment that's due. I just want to draw. For. Myself and improve at my pace. Without a grade. That's how I've done it. Always.

But unfortunately. If I ever want to work for Disney, I have to be "graded."

What do I really want to do with my 2D degree? I want to be a stay-home mom who takes commissions, cleans house, makes meals, raisse a family, draws some more, rides a horse, takes days to go camping and draw wildlife, and praises God for the huge blessing that is my dream life.

But it's just a dream...and the real world sucks major right now. Money is tight. Jobs are hard to come by. The easy life existed back when I was 3 years old and could prop the front door open. Gosh, who knows what life'll be like when I am able to finally get a house (if...I'll be able to get a house) and start a family...

I guess we'll just wait and see. But seriously though. I really don't want to be in school right now...I also want this animation to be done. Mainly because I've told people I've had it done by now...and I'm only half way done.

Okay, okay. I write too much.
Later gators.


Veggy Christian said...

lol, I know exactly what you mean. Grades intimidate me so much, and annoy me, and scare me. I always feel like I'm learning for the grade and not for the actual knowledge. Which in the end probably isn't very useful. But like you said, I wish that I could just go about things my own way without school or the framework of grades. I probably woulnd't even mind school if there were no grades, and I was even naive enough to think that there were no grades in college, but alas, how mistaken I was. -_-" How silly of me to think that once you got to a certain point grades were pointless and you could just learn and soak in as much or little as you wanted from the "experts" teaching you. Yes, how silly of me.

I'd love to be sitting on a patio overlooking fields and mountains in the distance sipping tea and writing novels all day, and riding my bike down to the farmer's market to buy some homegrown veggies to go with my tofu, and some homegrown fruit to go with my cereal, ah, that would be the life...

Well, we'll see how it goes. I pray all the best for you now and in the future! (and that you finish your animation soon) Peace! ^_^

Sketched on a Canvas said...

And I return the prayers! Hopefully God will bless us with at least one aspect of our dream life :]