Thursday, September 17, 2009

I sleep too much

No, really. I do. My future husband is going to have to put up with me going to bed before 11 every night. I really don't know why I'm tired all the time. I don't think it's lack of sleep, though.


In about 30 minutes (from this sentence) I've gotta mosey on over to Figure Drawing. I adore that class. Mainly because I'm learning how to draw people better (considering I...taught myself how to draw them in the first place). But I have a feeling I'm going to be a bit of a zombie in class today. My eyes are having a hard time staying open. It'll probably be a crappy drawing day too. Normally when I'm this tired my drawings don't turn out as well as they could be because I'm extra lazy and don't want to do anything (except sleep or doodle.)

Speaking of doodles. One day in Fig. Drawin, a friend of mine took a break (well, the whole class had a break, I chose to stay in the room, anywho,) he left and I thought it'd be comical to draw on his sketchbook while he was gone. My scribble spawned into this demon fish...thing holding a trident and stabbing a little fish. And he wore a crown too. So I dubbed him Demon Fish Trident King. Or...Demon Trident Fish King. However you wish. It was quite amusing and apparently DFTK is going to be popping up in random places.

Like here.

In this blog. Complete with a crappy coloring job.
click for largerrrr


Veggy Christian said...

lol! You and doodling always seem to spawn something bigger. I can definitely see the demon in the fish.

Maybe someday at some age you'll finally be able to get the right amount of sleep and not be so tired all the time.

Have fun in drawing! Well, good luck staying awake anyway... :)