Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sometimes optimism pays off.

So I bucked up the courage to call the horse boarding place and found out that the owner is an ACU alum. Holy cow! So he and I had a lovely conversation on the phone and he told me to stop by later today to talk to his wife about a possible job position. Well I walked over there (because by driving it takes like 2 seconds to get there, so why bother) and turns out she was napping (or something). So I went to the fence over by her house and her two gorgeous horses (a chestnut and bay) came to say hello. They were quite friendly. I was tempted to hop on bareback and bridle-less, but I'd probably get in big trouble, so I started heading home and another bay in the paddock next to the two ambled over to say hello. I scratched his neck and he threw his head on me for a hug. He was anxious to get some exercise 'cause he kept stompin his foot. Either that or a bug was botherin' him. It was rather hot that day.

Anywho, so I head home and wait a while before I decide to call to see if it was convenient for me to head over and the wife picked up (yay!) and I told her I spoke to her husband and that they might see if there's a position I could work. Well...she seemed kind of relucant and said that they had quite a bit of help and might not have anything for me to do, so we'll see. She says she'll talk to her husband tonight and I'll call tomorrow to set up a time I suppose. And if I don't end up getting a job, maybe she'll know of some places that will let me ride freely (and not on a simple trail ride) a couple hours in the day.

So I'm trying to stay optimistic and praying. I really want this job (I actually have no idea what to do yet, but if I'm around horses, it'll make me happy). I will most definitely keep y'all updated.

I've also found a place in Wylie (which is literally right next door to Sachse) where I might be able to ride. Maybe I'll bug the parentals and have them take me out there (because knowing my big sister, she'll probably want the car on Saturday to go hang with her friends) and take a look around.

Wish me luck!


Veggy Christian said...

I will definitely be wishing you luck. Isn't it interesting how you meet ACU alum everywhere??

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Indeed :]