Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Horses Have Magic Powers

Nothing went right today. I'm sorry I'm venting in my own blog, you don't have to read this if you don't want to. Just me nagging and ranting and such.

[Edit] Oh wow, I didn't realize it was this long until I published it. Uh, beware? It's lengthy.[/Edit]

But seriously though. Horses do have magic powers. Mmhm, I believe it. They can make you happy just by lookin' at 'em and petting them and even sitting on them. Unfortunately though, I don't have a horse so I'm stuck being miserable.

The day started out alright. I woke up earlier than I wanted (8:15 am) because a friend an hour ahead of me texted me. I told her I was sleeping and all she said was "So." That made me unhappy. So I tried to go back to sleep but it evaded me. So I went to the bathroom then back to my room and got on my computer and did my usual check the mail/play on my art site/deer site/facebook, but then decided I needed to go eat breakfast and take my medicine. There were some powdered donuts on the counter that looked rather delicious so I took one and had a bite and they weren't half I had a few more. Or at least I thought it was a few. Me and my glutenous self only left 3 for the rest of my family to eat. Oops. Sorry mom. So I continued being a bum and played on my computer until it was time to go turn in my Mcalisters application. This was around noon or so, going on 1 I think. My sister and I hadn't eaten lunch so we decided we'd skip lunch altoghether and just get Marble Slab ice cream after I dropped off my application. Well I went inside and had to wait for the manager, no biggie, and we actually had a small interview. He was looking for someone to work in the morning...well I'm hoping to get a morning class for summer school and would want to work in the afternoons or evenings. So he said he'd give me a call if something opened.

So I got back in the car with my sister and she asked how it went and I told her. She immediately came back with "You're looking for a job! Why didn't you take it!?" I told her I wanted the morning class. She came back with "Well have you registered?" "....well, no," "SO THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE IT!?" GAH she made me feel awful. I was looking for a job and it was practically handed to me on a platter. So me being me started beating myself up about it on the inside. We went to get our ice cream (I got banana, yum) and I told my sister how there's a horseback riding lessons place thing where I live and I'd want to check it out. She comes back with "BUT YOU NEED A JOB YOU WON'T HAVE TIME TO RIDE nag nag nag." Thanks, Em. Yeah it's true I do need a job, but I haven't even looked into the place yet, but she said I could take her car today and go check it out.

Still beating myself up about the job, I get home, take a bathroom break, put on my boots, quick look at the map and head out. I turn to the street it's supposed to be on and Google Maps LIED TO ME. I was on the right street, but it dead ended into the back part of the property. So I turned around and headed back to what I vaguely rememberd from the site map. After a few more wrong turns I finally find it. I talk to a really nice girl and she gives me all the information I need. I'll call tomorrow to set up an orientation time for Sunday so they can evaluate how I ride and if I'm lucky, I'll get into the advanced class which meets Tuesday nights.

So I head home and start looking to see where the Petsmart application online is and type in my zip code and nothing in Texas came up. It only gave me Alabama-Arizona. What? I was so confused. And mad. Then my stomach started feeling icky around 3. Something didn't settle well from what I ate today, granted all I stuffed into my stomach was sugar. It was not fun. I went back and sat on the couch and started filling out my summer school application. I ask my sister for help on one of the questions, she asks what I'm doing and again she snaps at me "YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THIS DONE A MONTH AGO!" Well if I recall correctly my mom said I just needed to apply. I figured getting it done before June (I know I'm pushing it, but) would be okay. I got it done and I'll send in a college transcript tomorrow (if our school site is working by tomorrow) and hopefully still be okay. My stomach still felt awful so I just layed my head down for a bit. After I felt up to moving again I went and cleaned out a fish tank I had kept a captured frog in.

I'm afraid to tell my parents that I didn't take the job opportunity because I was going to take a history class I hadn't even applied for yet. I'm afraid they're going to get mad at me. Now I know my mom reads my blog (because she mentioned how I had posted a picture of our table. She wasn't happy.) so she'll either find out tonight or through this. I'm mostly afraid to tell my dad because I know he'll be the one to strike out worse than my big sister or mom did/will.

Eeehhhhh....Nothing's really gone right today. I really just want to go to bed and pretend like today never happened it do it all over again.


Anonymous said...

Aw, pea.
I luff you <3

Sketched on a Canvas said...

I luff you too, carrot <3

Lagniappe said...

you should apply for a job at a stable somewhere... that way you could be with horses. Best of both worlds.

Sketched on a Canvas said...

I would so love to, but I don't want to be too far away from home and I only know of two places here in Sachse that actually have horses, but I'm definitely searching!