Saturday, May 2, 2009


Last night the girls went to see our friend's senior recital. She sang marvelously! I love our dear Anna. I have faith she will go far in life with that fabulous voice of hers. After Anna's recital, the girls and I went to Walmart and browsed around and I stumbled upon this adorable little dress for only $14. I thought it was cute, being the sucker for plaid I am so I bought it.

 But, being the girl I am I made a quick decision and realized I don't have boots that would match this! My boots I own currently are kind of a dark turquoise and didn't match at all. So I think I might go get these today. What do you think? Do these match?  

I might have to take the dress with me to Cavenders to find out. I think they will, personally. The boots are pretty cheap for being boots. I'm pretty excited. I also want my hair to grow out a whole lot more than it is, but I'm not taking good care of it and I'm not taking my vitamins to help it along. Grr! Why is it so hard for me to get into the habit of something? I have no idea. Boo. 

Any who. I best get back into finishing up all the homework and projects for school considering I have a week left and some are due in less than a week. Yippee.  I've gotten pretty far in my book I need to read for my horse class so I hope to finish that today and then write the summary about it and turn that in before I wrap things up for the day. I'm waiting on one recommendation letter and then I'll be able to turn in my application. I hope I get the job for my sophomore year...I'm in desperate need of one. 

Where'd my phone go...?


Veggy Christian said...

I won't bother telling you my thoughts on the clothing and boots because Lord knows I know next to nothing about fashion. I think you can pull off a lot though, so I'd say you're safe no matter what. ^_^

You know, I think Mr. Phone is trying to run away...

Sketched on a Canvas said...

I think he is too. As much as I abuse him he might as well run away, ha.

Anonymous said...

Aww haha its cute!!