Thursday, May 7, 2009

RIP Mr. Phone

So, my phone, aka: Mr. Phone, has been fractured for sometime now (meaning, he's been broken, but still works), but today as I was getting lunch he slipped out of my hand and crashed onto the tile. Now me, knowing he's injured, thought nothing of it until I tried to turn him on (because sometimes when I drop him he'll turn off) and he wouldn't start up. So I took off the rubber bands that were holding him together and... his top fell from his bottom.


So that's why he won't turn on... So I am... currently without a phone for who knows how long which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it also isn't good, ie: job applications.

Yeah... So, Mr. Phone has gone to the grave.


Veggy Christian said...

Oh no! Not Mr. Phone! I'm so sorry, I guess you'll have to get a new Mr. Phone new huh? Will there be a funeral?

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Probably not. I might get a different phone though and give him/her a more epic name.

Veggy Christian said...

I see. Well of course you will make a post when you DO get a new phone, I look forward to seeing it. Oh and I am starting another blog where I post about my vegan experiements if you are interested in looking at that. Here's the link:
Thanks for passing on my greetings!

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Ooh sounds exciting, I will most definitely keep in touch with it :D