Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm apparently getting a sinus infection. I've got a nasty headache, I'm coughing up junk, blowing my nose frequently, and I'm moody. Thanks Mother Nature. I'm not thrilled about my sickness. This means that if I do get an interview in the next week I'll be going in sick. Not good. Since I didn't get the job at Happy Acres, now I don't even want a job because I feel like I'll simply be miserable because I won't enjoy doing it. My dad is getting mad that I'm not actively applying for jobs even at the places I don't want to work and I can't help that the economy sucks. That's one reason no one is hiring. Now, I've only applied at 3 places, mind you, but I'm getting sick and don't want to move/get out of the house to go look for jobs. I mean, can you imagine walking into a nice store with eyes half shut, a sniffy nose, red eyes, and a nasaly voice saying "can I get an application?" They'll be disgusted and think you have the plague. Well, maybe not, but they might look at you funny. Ugh. I'm seriously debating on taking a nap...or crying till I fall asleep.


Veggy Christian said...

Not again! Well at least your home for this sinus infection. I'm sorry to hear you're not 100% though, and about the tough job situation. I'm praying for you!

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Thanks a million Kaleigh. I can always count on you ;D
Funny thing is though, is that I never really got sick all that much out at school, but I come home and I catch this? Boo. Maybe it's because Abilene is so dry.