Monday, May 11, 2009


Today...I'm going to take inventory of my room. Go through things I know I'll keep and make a pile of things that I'm going to sell in our garage sale, make a pile of things that I'll trash, and make a pile of things that I should probably ask myself why I still have. It's going to take me a while. This is how my room looks at the moment and I still have bins and boxes waiting to be unpacked downstairs. This should be amusing. 
I'll want to go buy things to stay organized, but I'm thinking I'll probably go around the house and see what I can create to help keep things organized. Believe me, my parents won't know the materials are missing. My house looks kind of like my room does at the moment. We moved both me and my big sister back into the house. Some time this summer I'll be painting my room tan (both my sisters' rooms and our living room are of a tan color, so I figured I'd join the club.)

  I might repaint my desk drawers too. And maybe the shelf that holds all my stuffed animals. Purple + tan? Not a great mix. I might paint it red...or something. I'm not sure what to paint my desk drawers though.

If I could get a mahogany red I think it would look gorgeous, but it wouldn't have that wood grain texture in it so it'd be useless. Maybe a simple red or tan.  My black shelf and desk will probably stay the same and I might replace the Japanese/chinese lanterns that are over my bed. I also need to go through things in my closet. It's a disaster (no picture for you because it'll make your eyes bleed).  So here I go. Time to take inventory.

Hmm...maybe I should...go get a giant trash bag...or 5.


Veggy Christian said...

Yikes, that looks like my house, I hate that feeling that the house is out of control and there's nothing I can do about it. Good luck getting organized! And by the way, I like the purple+tan combo. :D But that's just me. And thank you for sparing my eyes the displeasure of bleeding, you are too kind (but I knew that already after spending a year of college with you ^_^).

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Hah, I think just being in Abilene has given me a better admiration for the country (or rather, brought my country side out) so I'm just continuing it here at home :]

Anonymous said...

I think you should strip your dresser thing and then varnish it....

Sketched on a Canvas said...

I could do that, but alas, trying to find a job, clean the room, and do school, I may not have time. I do want to do it though :/