Monday, July 6, 2009

Cup o' tea

I love it when my body decides to wake up on its own. I really feel like it knows when it's had all the sleep it needs and wakes me up when it's done. Sometimes I ignore it though and roll over and force my eyes to close and doze off again, but this morning it decided that it was done recharging at 7:50 this morning. I also had to really use the bathroom. So I got up and went downstairs (there wasn't any toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom, grr!). My cat was sitting outside the bathroom door waiting for me. She's sucha cutie. Annoying, but cute. Anywho. I headed back upstairs and sat on my bed and kinda had a headache so I laid back down for 20 ish more minutes until it cleared. Then I got up and went to make waffles for breakfast. While they were in the toaster I stepped out in the backyard briefly to see what the temperature was like and again, it felt really nice. So tomorrow if the weather is like that again I may make some tea and sit outside tomorrow morning with my dog and maybe pick some blackberries while I'm at it. Earl Grey is my favorite tea. It's smells delightful and tastes delicious! I highly recommend it and think you should definitely try it one time in your life :D I really need to start getting into the habit of waking up early anyway. I got a job being a desk manager for McDonald Hall at ACU and I work MWF from 5 am to 9 am and I start the week before school starts (so I can work during welcome week). Yeah, it's an early shift, but it's a job, right? And my first class MWF doesn't start until 10 anyway. I guess the only downside is that I won't be able to pledge for a club. I'll really need my sleep during the night so I won't be tired all through classes, but oh well. out $200 to be in a club? Or make more than $200? Hmm...Let's think here.

With that job though, I'll really need to get out of the habit of spending money on useless clothing and accessories. Hmm I think I'm going to write on my elephant and whale page today for ideas of how I can save money during this school year. YES! I am digging deep onto the most funnest (bad grammar, shush) pages in my non-planner! But, I can pin those on my wall or cork board so I will be able to see them, so they're getting love. Also when I come up with a number of ideas, I'll probably post a blog about it so I can get feedback and other ideas! I'm really excited about this next school year. It'll probably go by fast, but I'll live in the moment, hopefully.

Also, today I tried to get back into my working out routine. Well, by try I mean I started. Hopefully I'll keep it up. I really would like a nice stomach and arms so I wouldn't look like I simply sit on my butt all day drawing and because working out simply gives you energy. I'm kinda sorta pretty strong as it is even with my thin figure, but I wouldn't mind having a bit more strength. So I'm trying out a technique a friend of mine from school (Claire) told me about: Pick a song and work on one section of your body for that entire song. It hurts when you haven't been working out on a daily basis, but afterwards it feels nice. I've chosen songs that are at least 3 minutes long and I'm using protein powder to help (is that cheating?). So this morning I've really only worked on my upper abdominal muscles (using a medicine ball thing) and biceps (simple 10 lb weights. I'm not a wimp, I'm just not killing my muscles right off the bat!). So now I think I'll work on my triceps, I think...and lower ab muscles. Then I'll shower cause I smell awful already, ha.

Edit: I write...way too much :|


Veggy Christian said...

Aw, what makes you think you write too much? :) I love reading everything you type up.

That's a good idea for writing in your special pages! I'm very big on being frugal after all, as you know. Can't wait to see your ideas. And congratulations on the job! I'm sure that will be a big help to you. And why bother joining a social club anyway, you can always just have fun with your friends whenever you want without paying a joining fee.

I love tea in the morning. I've never had Earl Grey, since my mom hates it we never have it in the house, and I'm don't like black tea at all. I'm more of a green, white, and herbal tea kind of gal. Decaf of course. :) (And let's not get into the nit-picky semantics of how herbal tea isn't really "tea" shall we? lol) Whenever my mom and I visited our friend in Austin who has a house in the woods on a hill, I always imagined it was my house and I would sit on the big porch in the early morning with a cup of tea and watch the deer in the woods as the sun rose. What a perfect way to live, right? Just a dream come true.

And no, protein shakes aren't cheating. It's only cheating if you take advantage of someone else to put yourself up. Protein shakes are made specifically for the purpose of helping you (whether they actually work or not is another matter). Good luck on the workout thing!

Sketched on a Canvas said...

I guess I think I write too much because I always feel like I'm blabbering and not really talking about anything of importance, ha.

And you're right! I don't need a social club to have fun. Besides, 3rd floor McD is where I met my first college friends and I'd like to keep them all ;D

OH MY GOODNESS. Dream come true house indeed. Gah, I would love to wake up in the morning and watch deer in the woods or simply watch my horses graze and listen to rooster crow in the distance and watch the sunrise. Gah.

I really think I'm going to start saving for a house and a horse. I know my little job 3 days a week and only minimum wage may not help much, but something is better than nothing, right?