Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Aspiring Animator

So this past Saturday (13th) I started an animation project. The Endless Forest is practically my online home now and I've based my animation off of the deer there. The Endless Forest is a game where you basically do nothing. I'm serious. You're a deer. You can wear masks, get different pelts and antlers, and run around and be a dork or enjoy the peacefulness of the forest itself. There's no talking. You communicate by actions instead and try and make other deer understand you. I'm practically addicted to the thing and there isn't even a point to it! But it's just SO much fun for some reason!

Okay okay okay, back to the animation, I only have 43 seconds animated including a schnazzy intro. The entire animation (including intro and concluding titles) is 5 MINUTES long. It'll probably take me a month to get it completely finished and looking nice. But so far I am just SO PROUD OF MYSELF. Like crazy! I'm so hyper! If you have Windows Media Player, feel free to download/watch my 43 seconds of awesomness.

Also note: I did this entire animation...all in photoshop CS3 and put it together with windows movie maker to add music and make it a .WMV file. For those who did download it, Drache is my deer ;D Yes, he has a skull face. Yes, that is a bowtie. He's such a gentleman (because that's how I created him, lol).

OKAY. I really need to go to bed now.

AAAHHHHH. I'm so proud of myself |D


Veggy Christian said...

AMAZING! I'm VERY impressed! Can't wait to see the whole thing and see Drache in action (and I love the House opening theme song :D). Great job on the opening!

Sketched on a Canvas said...

Thank you, thank you |D I'm very glad that I switched my major to art because now I just...feel like I can use this for a portfolio when I try and get into animating school :]

Veggy Christian said...

It will definitely make a great addition to your portfolio. And I think art is a great major for you, it should make you much happier in the long run, and as long as you love what you do nothing else really matters. :D

Veggy Christian said...

LORIE! What's up lately? Can you believe it's already July?? Crazy, this is going by way too fast -_-

Hope you're doing well!! I miss you... :)

Lagniappe said...

WOW! Just looked at your animation and it is great! I know how much work that must have been just for that. Your art work is getting better and better each day. Keep it up Lorie.